Adam Shipp of Yurbay is a proud Wiradjuri man. His bloodlines through his father, extend across Dubbo, Parkes and other regions of Central West NSW. His mother, is a Welsh women who came to Australia in the late 50s.  Adam was born and raised on Ngunnawal country Canberra, where he continues to live with his wife and young family of three children today.


Adam has been working in the Environment/Natural Resource Management sector showcasing his love of culture since 2011. In January 2018, Adam took the leap into running his own business fulltime- Yurbay. Pronounced You ra by, it means “seed” in Wiradjuri language. This exemplifies Adams deep passion for native plants, traditional Aboriginal plant use and he feels as a seed, his business and passion for sharing culture is “Always growing”.


Adam is breathing life into the history of Australia’s First People and is making knowledge of the bush accessible for all.

Adam also actively shares his Indigenous STEM knowledge of native plant use with the broader ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. His plant identification and propagation workshops for vulnerable members of the community, through the Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm, has encouraged potential future career pathways.


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What Yurbay offer.


Yurbay deliver a number workshops on traditional plant use, culture and much more. We can come to your office, school, community group or meet and learn in the many beautiful reserves and natural places on Ngunnawal country. In-depth details of workshops and how we can cater to your needs can be discussed via email.


Yurbay facilitates a number of ongoing regular programs centred around culture and connection to country for Aboriginal youth and adult community based in the Canberra region.

Projects, consultation and advice

Yurbay team up with private, education, government and community sectors to provide cultural, horticultural and environment specific consultation on projects across the Canberra region.

Gardens and natural landscapes.

Yurbay assist in the development of cultural bush food gardens and restoration work on properties or government lands.  We also work with landscape architect designers and can provide this service upon quote.

Please send an email to yurbayconsultancies@gmail.com to find out more information and discuss quote options.

Current and ongoing programs Yurbay are involved in.

 Connecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people involved in the justice system to country and culture. Helping in their recovery and empowering them to make positive change in their lives.

Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people teaching on country and cultural specific sessions that help to facilitate the healing process.

 Working with childcare through to college age students and education staff development in the A.C.T and region. Providing a greater understanding of Indigenous cultures and perspectives and assisting in ways to .

 Creating cultural showcase garden spaces and caring for country through ground restoration projects.


Workshops for Government, corporate, community and public groups- Sharing cultural knowledge and perspectives with the Canberra community.

National Museum of Australia “Taste of Australia” regular tours. Information on these can be found on the National Museum of Australia website.

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